Your commitment is vitally important to strengthening and supporting Global Fund for Women’s ambitious goals to accelerate fundraising and ensure increased money and attention for women’s rights. Our work is grounded in the belief that giving can be an act of social change and that engaging your passion more deeply by connecting with opportunities will help strengthen the power of women’s movements worldwide.

Grantee Partner Excursions

Leveraging Global Fund for Women’s worldwide network of grantee partners and advisors, we make journeys to learn directly from powerful women about their successes and challenges. Past trips have included visits with leaders, academics, activists, government ministers, and others committed to strengthening women’s movements globally–from India and Cambodia to Turkey and Brazil.


Renee Saedi
[email protected].

Voices of Equality

The Voices of Equality webinar series is designed to provide you with an opportunity to learn, act, and deepen your relationship with board, staff, grantee partners, experts, and others to become a true ambassador and champion for equality. Watch the latest Voices of Equality webinar:


Previous Webinars

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