Announcing The Everyday Feminist by Latanya Mapp Frett

We have some big news! Global Fund for Women President and CEO Latanya Mapp Frett has written a new book, The Everyday Feminist: The Key to Sustainable Social Impact—Driving Movements We Need Now More than Ever.

And we have an important ask for you, our supporters. Can you pre-order a copy of The Everyday Feminist today?

Pre-orders are an important part of creating buzz and excitement as a new book enters the world—and we want as many people as possible to know about The Everyday Feminist, where readers will learn about popular and not-so-popular social movements, and the leaders, art, research, and narratives that drove them.

An essential text for feminist advocates who find themselves in an increasingly challenging political and social environment, The Everyday Feminist is a practical blueprint to social change. It’s a great read, centering the everyday feminists that Latanya has met along the way in her work. And it makes a great gift for the everyday feminist in your own life as they blaze a unique path to a more equitable world.