Fearless Leaders

2018 was a particularly volatile year for women’s rights movements—from new threats on women’s sexual and reproductive rights to escalating violence by fundamentalists. More than ever, it became unsafe for women to organize, speak out against injustice, and demand their rights.  

But it was also a year of resilience and resistance. Together—with you and our incredible grantee partners—we turned the most challenging moments into opportunities for transformative social change. Let us celebrate the successes of fearless women leading change and make sure we move forward to an even more powerful year ahead.

Now is the time to stand with the global women’s movement.

As women around the world face new threats to their rights with dramatic shifts in U.S. policies, our grantee partners are taking action—and so are we. Join Global Fund for Women to help women and girls worldwide respond to threats and move forward despite the odds. Our work together is more urgent than ever.