Girls hold the solutions

At Global Fund for Women, our experience demonstrates the multiplier effect that young women leaders can have in the fight against global poverty. As girls’ lives change for the better, their families, communities, and the world benefit.

Since 2006, Global Fund for Women has been a member of the Nike Foundation’s Grassroots Girls Initiative (GGI). We talk to, learn from, and share insights with five other leading organizations.


Our involvement affirms a key aspect of our theory of change: that supporting adolescent girls with access to equal rights and education is essential for true community transformation. To help develop the next generation of women leaders, roughly one-third of the groups we support incorporate adolescent girls in their programming.

As a member of the Grassroots Girls Initiative, we’re proud to announce a new report, Grassroots Girls Solutions. Among the six case studies is one of our grantee partners, SIN-DO. Learn how SIN-DO’s economic empowerment programs for mothers and training programs for parents resulted in a striking increase in school enrollment and graduation rates for girls.

Download the complete Grassroots Girls Solutions case study »