Global Fund for Women Proposal on Women’s Leadership and Climate Resilience among Top 100 Candidates for $100 Million Grant from the Macarthur Foundation

Marie Stopes International (MSI), One Acre Fund, and Population Media Center Join Global Fund for Women as Authors on the Proposal, a Top Candidate in the “100&Change” Competition

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (February 27, 2020) –A proposal co-submitted by Global Fund for Women, MSI, One Acre Fund, and Population Media Center is among the 100 highest-scoring proposals in the Macarthur Foundation’s 100&Change competition to solve one of the world’s most critical social challenges.

The proposal details a bold solution to amplify the power, strength, and skills of rural women in Kenya, Malawi and Nigeria so that they can build more food-secure, climate-resilient communities. If chosen, the organizations would collaborate together and across sectors to expand access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services for 1.3 million people; improve the lives of 2.1 million smallholder farmers through access to credit, farm inputs and training on climate-smart farming techniques; elevate self-led women’s groups to secure rights related to reproductive, economic and climate justice; and harness the power of storytelling, reaching millions of people, to normalize knowledge, behaviors and practices that advance community resilience.

“We are in a climate crisis, and it is not gender neutral,” said Global Fund for Women President and CEO Latanya Mapp Frett. “We are delighted to be among the top contenders for this award and continue to explore the possibilities for amplifying women’s power and leadership to build climate resilience.”

Globally, only .01 percent of grant dollars supports projects addressing both climate change and women’s rights despite the fact that Project Drawdown, the world’s leading source of climate solutions, shows that women-and girl-centered approaches are among the 100 best solutions to reverse global warming.

100&Change is a distinctive competition that is open to organizations and collaborations working in any field, anywhere in the world. Proposals must identify a problem and offer a solution that promises significant and durable change. According to the Macarthur Foundation, the Top 100 represent the top 21 percent of competition submissions. The proposals were rigorously vetted, undergoing MacArthur’s initial administrative review, a Peer-to-Peer review, an evaluation by an external panel of judges, and a technical review by specialists whose expertise was matched to the project.


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