IN IT TOGETHER: A joint report on women’s funds with Mama Cash and Global Fund for Women

Global Fund for Women and Mama Cash recognize that, as two of the largest and longest-operating women’s funds in the world, our collaboration and alignment is important to ensuring that women’s funds globally are well-supported. As a feminist learning organization that prioritizes support for other women’s funds, Global Fund for Women is committed to evaluating and adjusting our women’s funds strategy.

In 2018 Global Fund for Women and Mama Cash conducted an evaluation of their existing women’s funds strategies in order to strengthen our partnerships with women’s funds and identify opportunities for strategic collaboration. The evaluation included in depth interviews with women’s funds, donors, and key stakeholders, an online survey, and other avenues for feedback and review.

The result is IN IT TOGETHER: Reflections and Recommendations on Global Fund for Women and Mama Cash’s Engagement with Women’s Funds.

Thank you to all our sister organizations, grantee partners, donors, advisors, and other stakeholders who shared input for this report. We appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow from your knowledge and insight


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