In solidarity with women in Belarus

We join Our House in Belarus to draw attention to the violence against women activists perpetrated by state officials and police as they demonstrate against a tax on the unemployed, which President Alyaksandr Lukashenka describes as a tax on “social parasites”.

This has been called the largest crackdown in years against peaceful protesters in Belarus. Global Fund for Women stands in solidarity with women and women’s groups in Belarus as they demand an end to violence against women activists and journalists.

Read Our House’s chronicle of repressions against women in Belarus, documenting at least 20 women who have faced state violence in the past two weeks for their participation in peaceful demonstrations, including:

13.03.2017, Orsha: journalists Galina Abukunchik and Ekaterina Andreeva (Bahvalova) were fined for their “participation” in the protest rally (about 200 USD each) which they covered as reporters.

13.03.2017, Bobruisk: an activist Inga Sudilovskaia was arrested, after several hours in detention she was released.

11.03.2017, Molodechno: Olga Koval’kova was detained during the rally against the jobless tax; she has been sentenced to 7 days’ imprisonment.