Your messages of support for women in Nepal

Messages of support for brave women survivors of the earthquake in Nepal have been pouring in from people around the world. We’ve received nearly 800 messages from women and men in 65 countries in less than one month—from Afghanistan to Ireland, Ecuador to Lebanon, Malawi to Cambodia. This tells us, once again, that the bold and powerful women in Nepal who are on the front lines of rebuilding and driving change inspire us all.

Share your own message for women in Nepal one year after the earthquake. Our partners in Nepal are grateful for your messages of support and soon we will share responses back from them.

Here are just a few of the moving messages of support you’ve shared for women in Nepal.


“You set an inspiring example of resilience and facing challenges with energy and good cheer.”
– Najla, Lebanon

“Women have always been the pillars of the world, and they will remain so.”
– Ljerka, Croatia

“You are the most amazing women. I try to be as amazing as you; and it’s not easy.”
– Peggy, USA

“Thank you brave women from Nepal, you are such an inspiration, especially now that we also were hit by an earthquake here in Ecuador. Thanks for your strength, your resilience, capacity, and for applying that altogether so we can have you as an example and role models.”
– Patricia, Ecuador

“You inspire me and everyone out there. The courage you have, the spirit, and your beautiful souls all really inspire me. It pushes me to be someone better. To know that there’s brave women like you out there, it’s such an honor. Even though I don’t really know anyone of you in real life, but you’ve changed my life.”
– Wessal, Egypt

“Thank you for your courage and strength!”
– Barbara, USA

“The Women Division of GEORGE Foundation for Development (FOGED-Haiti) strongly
supports the girls and ladies in Nepal! We are also earthquake survivors (January 12, 2010). Six years later, we keep moving forward—and life goes on!”
– Hermithe, Haiti

“You all are heroes and champions. Many thanks for being there, and continue to encourage each other no matter what.”
– Ethel, Liberia

“Stay strong, sisters!”
– Letitia, USA

“Women and girls of Nepal, I salute you for your bravery!”
– Lydia, Zimbabwe

“I have visited your beautiful country. I am fascinated by your karma and I am proud to
know that Nepal is in your hands. Kudos ladies!”
– Madeleine, Cameroon

“I may not know you personally, but your undaunting spirit has moved me. I have spent
4 years in Sikkim and hence Nepal is so close to my heart. Your journey will remain a source of inspiration for people, especially women, across the globe. Thank you for not losing hope because that has taught me the importance of perseverance.”
– Avipsha, India

“There is nothing more empowering in this world to me than the thought of women coming together and supporting each other to overcome such great adversity. Your strength inspires me. Thank you.”
– Ashley, Australia

“Thank you for your courage.”
– Anonymous

“You are stronger than everything, and you make me proud to be a woman! Love from around the world for you and your loved ones.”
– Mira, UK

“Knowing what you do in Nepal is an inspiration for us in Indonesia to continue to fight for women’s rights. Thank you for giving us a lesson.”
– Gama, Indonesia

“Ladies of Nepal—keep fighting the good fight! Your determination to persevere in the face of disaster is nothing short of astounding! I wish you the strength and optimism to keep pulling through this tough time—a year after the devastating earthquake. You are an inspiration for many generations of Nepalese girls and for the rest of the world!”
– Melinda, Cambodia

“You’re a source of inspiration!”
– Anonymous

“The world has not forgotten you, or the tragic consequences of a year ago. You are in our hearts and prayers. Once again, women are showing their amazing strength and resilience in the most difficult of circumstances. Sending you love.”
– Lynne, USA

“To my sisters in Nepal, from Palestine – I have followed with great admiration and respect the role that women, such as yourselves—women in the grassroots—have played in rebuilding the lives and hopes of the Nepalese communities. Please know that with so many tragedies occurring globally, the situation in Nepal has never been forgotten and neither have the efforts by phenomenal women such as yourselves.”
– Anonymous

“I salute the women of Nepal, who stood up at a time when everyone else had given in and lost hope. And remembered at the worst time of their country’s history and were brave enough to say, this is not how our story will end. Restoring hope and dignity to fellow citizens. Shine on women of Nepal—you are the light of the world.”
– Nthate, South Africa

“You are a force of nature in yourselves—strong and giving in the face of disaster. You inspire the world with your ability to rebuild and remake your lives and those of your families.”
– Elizabeth, Australia

“¡Fuerza y solidaridad!”
– Flora, Spain

“Your courage gives us all courage.”
– Windfower, USA

“Nepal has been blessed with brave, graceful, multi-talented women. They are the major support system of the household. Even after such a disaster and loss of their loved ones, they have still been holding up strong with a smile on their face and hiding their tears. They have been making every effort to gather the community together and bring Nepal back to life again. I salute all Nepalese women by showing this tremendous amount of courage. I feel proud to call myself as a Nepalese woman only because of such wonderful people like you. Thank you for all your hard work.”
– Anonymous

“Stay strong, the world is with you.”
– Steve, UK

“Women and men around the world have much to learn from you. Thank you for showing us what it means to be a part of a shared humanity and what it truly means to rise above adversity.”
– Swetha, Singapore/Bahrain/US

“You are amazing! Your courage inspires me. Thank you.”
– Margaret, USA

“Your strength and leadership is inspiring. Thank you for showing the world that women are strong, smart, and capable.”
– Julia, USA

“Whatever the cause or crisis, let the women lead, and things will get better.”
– Martin, USA

“If you empower a woman, you empower a generation.”
– Emma, Kenya

“I admire your bravery and strength. Stay strong”
– Leuise, USA

“I may not know you personally but I think our people share the spirit of hope,
selflessness, and readiness to help each other during times of disasters. I admire your bravery and determination to survive and make Nepal a better place not only for yourselves but also for our sisters. Kudos to you!”
– Marjorie, Philippines

“You are wonderful. I am so sorry you have been hurt by this terrible earthquake.”
– Sherrill, USA

“There are many in the world who care about your plight and believe in your power to overcome adversity. Stay strong!”
– William, USA

“Thank you for being the heroes we can all look up to!”
– Anonymous

“Your strength and resilience in the face of disaster is an inspiration to women everywhere. THANK YOU.”
– Liz, USA

“To the women of Nepal: Thank you for your courage. We are sending prayers and
thinking of you as continue to lead relief efforts in Nepal. Thank you for your bravery and courage!”
– Nadia, USA

“Your efforts in rebuilding Nepal tells the world that women are nation builders.”
– Awondo, Cameroon

“I wish I was younger and I would jump on a plane to come and help you. I was a teacher so my heart is with the teachers and students.”
– Barbara, Canada

“My prayers are with you. Even though we are separated by many miles, we are
connected because we are sisters. My heart is with you and the loving work you do for others. If I could, I’d cook you rich soup, I’d knit you a warm sweater, I’d cover you with down blankets when you sleep and I would kiss your dreams with stars.”
– Fran, USA

“What makes mankind survive any misfortune is the love and strength of women to start again. You are an example for the world.”
– Luz, Colombia

“We are proud of you, let your trials strengthen you! You deserve all the good on this earth! We are with you sisters!”
– Antonia, Kyrgyzstan

“Thank you for inspiring us.”
– Charles, USA

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One year later, your words of solidarity matter. Write a message of support to show women survivors of the earthquake that you care and stand with them. Recognize their critical work and thank them for their courage.