Women survivors of the Nepal earthquake: A photo series

“At the end of the day, women will do what they have to do to survive.” – Lily Thapa, founder and director of Global Fund for Women grantee partner Women for Human Rights, Nepal

At the end of June 2015, just two months after the deadly earthquake hit Nepal, photojournalist Alison Wright traveled to the country for Global Fund for Women to visit our local grantee partners and document how they were using our crisis funding to meet women’s needs and rebuild communities. Alison was moved by the tenacity and power of the women she met: “These incredible women are really making a difference with their earthquake relief efforts and their tireless inspiration to better women’s rights here in Nepal.”

Here are some powerful photographs from the trip, showing women who are leading our grantee partners’ relief efforts, as well as women and children survivors of the earthquake who are benefiting from their work.

Alison Wright is a photographer, author, and speaker who travels the globe documenting endangered cultures, people, and issues.

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