1.9 Rising

Only 1.9% of all donations make it to organizations dedicated to women and girls. And Black feminist social movements get even less—smaller than 0.5%. We’re changing that.

Traditional philanthropy is an old boys’ club that gives to the same causes year after year, all while ignoring the most marginalized and the voices of those within the communities most impacted. There HAS to be a better way. And there is: 1.9 Rising.

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We’re shifting power to the people left behind by the old boys’ club—Black and Indigenous people, LGBTQI+ people, rural women, people with disabilities, sex workers, and more people most impacted by gender injustice. We believe they know their communities best, and we trust them to know how best to spend funds and create revolutionary change in their communities.

Join the 1.9 Rising community by making a monthly gift and you’ll receive a welcome gift featuring feminist artwork, access to online and in-person events, and more. Your dependable funding every month is a meaningful way to reach out to an activist and offer your direct support so they can spend their time making revolutionary change in their own communities instead of raising money.


How does it work?

This is more than a gift; it’s a community. Every month, we select a new subject related to feminism and activism around the globe and offer first-person perspectives, insightful articles, exclusive analysis, and more to inform and inspire you in whatever time you have—whether it’s five minutes, an hour, or more.


Meet feminist activists, hear from bold leaders changing philanthropy from within, and open your mind to new ideas and angles.


Be part of the effort to increase that 1.9% by spreading the word! We’ll offer you messages to spread the word on social media, invite a friend to join us, have a conversation with a colleague, and more.


Sign a petition, call a councilperson, host a fundraiser, join a protest, live your values.

Join 1.9 Rising

Just for making a recurring donation of $10 or more, we’ll send you a beautiful welcome gift of artist-designed stickers as thanks—and also as a visual reminder of your commitment!

Join 1.9 Rising MAKE YOUR FIRST MONTHLY DONATION OF $10 OR MORE and we’ll send you a beautiful welcome gift of artist-designed stickers as thanks.


We are grateful to the Women’s Philanthropy Institute and their report the Women & Girls Index as the source of the 1.9% statistic of funding to women and girls in the US. Black Feminist Fund (which Global Fund for Women serves as fiscal sponsor) is leading the important work of tracking philanthropic support for Black feminist movements. Globally, the picture is even worse—only one percent of the already small pool of gender equality funding gets to the grassroots. And gender equality funding as a whole has declined in the last few years. Global Fund for Women is stepping up to fill these gaps by providing funding directly to grassroots movements. Join us!