Bassey Nyambi

Bassey Nyambi (she/her/hers) is an unapologetic Pan-African feminist. For over a decade, she has worked alongside fellow reproductive justice advocates and youth activists in Africa, Latin America and the United States to defy traditional power structures and inhabit transformative approaches for reclaiming power and creating space for global south actors.

Previously serving as Director of Global Partnerships and Engagement with Planned Parenthood Global, Bassey has been committed to breaking through neocolonialist and structural barriers to develop a justice forward approach to working across the international development and humanitarian nexus. She has worked tirelessly to advance reproductive health, rights and justice for young people – no matter where they are – and strengthen strategic alliances across social justice movements.

Now, as Senior Civil Society Engagement Advisor to Save the Children Denmark, she continues to challenge and disrupt traditional centers of power, amplifying the voices of children and youth, feminists, and local actors who are at the forefront of our movement and creating innovative community driven solutions.

A first-generation Nigerian-American, Bassey holds a Master’s degree in Global Health and Social Justice from King’s College London, a Master’s degree in International and European Politics from the University of Edinburgh, and a bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from Lafayette College. She also contributes to international forums and is always up for a good protest.