Cesángari López Martínez

Senior Officer, Tool and Analytics

Cesángari López Martínez [she/her/ella] is a Senior Officer, Tool and Analytics at Global Fund for Women.

Cesángari was born and raised in Mexico City. She holds a BS in Economics from CIDE (Mexico) and a MA in International Education Policy Analysis from Stanford University. Her master’s thesis explored the gender heterogeneity effects of a conditional cash transfer program designed to improve educational outcomes for high school students in Mexico.

Before joining Global Fund for Women, Cesángari worked as a consultant in designing, implementing, monitoring, and assessing justice and behavioral health interventions. Her main collaborators were local governments and community-based organizations in California. Cesángari was also a Program Manager at Stanford’s Poverty, Violence, and Governance Lab, where she studied public safety perceptions and violence prevention strategies in Mexico and Brazil. She has over five years of experience in qualitative and quantitative data collection, mixed-methods evaluations, and experimental and quasi-experimental designs. In addition, she loves dancing Latin American rhythms and baking “tres leches” cakes. She lives in San Francisco’s Mission District.