Joyelle Clarke

MLA Advisor, Caribbean CJ

Joyelle Clark (she/her/hers) is a Movement Led Advisor of the Caribbean Climate Justice Movement at Global Fund for Women.

Joyelle has worked with women in livelihood advancement and economic empowerment for the past decade. As an advocate for gender and climate justice much of her work (academic, NGO, Consultancy and Public Sector) has been for women and with women and youth. She has embraced youth led action for environmental action while working as an educator with high school students. In this space she coordinated the environmental program which included recycling, climate action, conservation and education for sustainable development. Her early work in gender and livelihoods started with her doctoral research where she mapped the economic transition of female sugar workers you agriculture and tourism based livelihoods. The close work with rural women continued with her support of the Fahies Women Agricultural Cooperative and their work in agro-processing and most recently her current work with her local community group the Capisterre Women for Development agricultural group.

Joyelle has stayed true to her community based climate work even while serving as a public servant. There she developed projects around livelihoods, sports and climate advocacy and partnerships for climate action, recycling and waste management.
Currently she serves as advisor for the Caribbean Feminist Climate Justice Movement Led Approach for the Global Fund for Women Movement work around Feminist organizing and climate justice in the Caribbean.

Joyelle is very passionate about youth empowerment, women’s economic empowerment and climate justice. Her work in the NGO space with her current group Women Empowering Girls centers around thematic areas of ending period poverty, addressing imposter syndrome in high school girls and connecting girls with women in powerful traditionally male roles as mentors. She also serves as a mentor for the GirlsCARE JA Girls for Climate Action program.

Relate Consultancy of which she owns and operates has conducted various research projects in Climate, Environment, Fisheries livelihoods and communications for environmental projects. She currently serves as a an appointed member of Parliament in her role as Senator with Ministerial responsibilities for Sustainable Development, Environment, Climate Action, Constituency Empowerment along with Solid Waste Management and Parks and Beaches.