Rose Afful

MLA Advisor, Africa CJ

Rose Afful, PhD (she/her/hers) is a Movement Led Advisor for the African Climate Justice Movement.

As a gender and climate justice activist, Rose believes in building leadership of marginalised populations and communities in advancing social and climate justice. Rose has extensive experience in fundraising, resourcing, and building social justice movements and activism. Rose has resourced, built and supported gender and climate justice groups, organisations, collectives and movements all over Africa. These organisations work with their communities to protect common lands, promote economic and environmental justice, and secure health and bodily rights, leadership and citizenship. All over Africa, the grassroots work of these feminist and women’s rights groups, organisations, collectives and movements has led to improvements in systems: gender friendly policies and strengthened movements. Rose is passionate about knowledge generation and has written a number of blogs on environmental and other issues. Rose has travelled and worked extensively across the African Region and beyond. She is an alumnus of the Global Women in Management Program by the Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI), USA.