Sadie Washington

Global Partnership Associate

Sadie Washington (she/her/hers) is the Global Partnerships Associate at Global Fund for Women.

Sadie Washington is a dedicated advocate for art, education, and social justice. With a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from U.C. Santa Cruz, Sadie's journey has been a fusion of hard work, creativity, and advocacy. Her passion for community and arts education has led her to work with prominent nonprofits like CREATE CA and the Boys & Girls Club, where she collaborated in efforts to promote creative expression in young minds.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Sadie's interests extend to historical fiction, where she finds inspiration in the works of visionaries like Octavia Butler and N.K. Jeminsin, with their reinforcing narratives, speaks to the significance of community care, rest, and creativity as formidable tools of resistance against the backdrop of violent capitalist structures.

As she continues her journey with the Global Fund for Women, she is passionate about how to effect meaningful change within maternal and reproductive healthcare systems by investing in further education. By blending creativity, advocacy, and a profound understanding of the power of narratives, she hopes to create a meaningful impact within the worlds of art, social justice, and education.