Shaquera Martindale

Fiscal Sponsorship Finance Officer

Shaquera Martindale (she/her/hers) is the Fiscal Sponsorship Finance Officer at Global Fund for Women.

Shaquera is a dedicated community member with roots in the Bronx, New York, currently serving as the Fiscal Sponsorship Finance Officer for Global Fund for Women. Holding a Master's in Business Administration and a specialization in Accountancy from DeSales University, Shaquera channels her financial expertise into her roles, contributing to the development, administration, and leadership of the organizations she serves.

Her passion focus lies in ensuring equitable access to programs and resources, particularly for under-served or underrepresented communities. Shaquera's commitment goes beyond her professional responsibilities, extending to addressing pressing issues like homelessness and housing insecurity, showcasing a genuine dedication to social causes and community well-being.

In her previous role as Deputy Director for the Redevelopment Authority at the City of Easton, she applied her skills to initiatives such as neighborhood revitalization, housing, and supporting local business growth. During her time in the City of Easton, Shaquera actively volunteered with various organizations, underscoring her commitment to promoting equity and providing access to basic needs for individuals across diverse communities.

Shaquera desires to be not only a professional with a diverse skill set; she desires to be a community advocate actively contributing to positive change. She desires for her comprehensive approach, combined with her educational background and commitment to service can continue to make her an agent in the pursuit of a more inclusive and thriving community.