Theresa Preston-Werner

Theresa Preston-Werner [she/her/hers] is an anthropologist, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. She has spent the past two decades working to understand global poverty and injustice and to support efforts on the ground aimed at transforming political, economic, and social systems in order to better the lives of individuals.

Theresa received her BA in Anthropology and Gender Studies from Scripps College and her PhD in Anthropology from Northwestern University. Her research focused on the development of enclave economies throughout Central America and the recent surge of international direct-sales companies in their wake. In particular, her work examined how companies are able to manipulate vulnerable populations. In the U.S. and abroad, Theresa has worked with, advised, and founded various nonprofit and for-profit organizations with focuses ranging from girls and education, to women and family planning, to youth and technology.

Theresa currently directs Preston-Werner Ventures, a multidisciplinary collaborative seeking to create and fund sustainable development projects that focus on climate, health, and livelihoods.