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In the Democratic Republic of Congo, rape is regularly used as a weapon of war: it is estimated that 48 women were raped each hour in some regions during the height of the conflict. In Iraq and Syria, where ISIS has seized control over major cities, women and girls – especially those in ethnic and religious minorities – have been raped, enslaved, sold, and tortured. The story is the same in armed conflicts around the world as well as in unstable political climates and post-conflict regions: systematic rape is a favorite weapon of war aimed to control, intimidate, and humiliate millions of women and girls.

While the survivors of violence are stigmatized and blamed, women and women’s groups in places like Congo, Iraq, Nigeria, Burma, and the former Yugoslavia, are defying the odds, organizing to build peace, stability, and respect for women’s rights. Women work fearlessly to support survivors of sexual violence in conflict by advocating for their rights, setting up trauma counseling centers, lobbying to change laws, offering psychological counseling and access to medical care, and shattering the stigma and silence around rape in war.

Share the stories of amazing women working to stop the cycle of violence. Break the silence around rape in war. Add your voice to call for an end to sexual violence in conflict and change the narrative for #unbroken women and girls.

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