Inspiring Quotes for Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month! Celebrate women change-makers and activists who have made history and are shaping our future. Check out these quotes from incredible women activists and share your favorite on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

It's not the physical appearance of the person, but the kind of human that person is, that will make a difference in life.

If men have got a right, I have got the same right. They cannot put me down because everything they can do, I can do. All women--we are fierce.

I fight for the dignity of all people, specifically women, whose rights are trampled upon.

We need to come together--artists, activists, feminists--we all need to be together and cooperate together no matter how hard it is. Every day we have to fight for solidarity.

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Want to get even more involved? Here are other ways you can mark Women’s History Month with Global Fund for Women:

  • Be a Champion for Equality. Check out our action toolkit with ideas for how to spread the word about women’s rights and be part of the movement.
  • Learn about Women’s Human Rights. Get the facts about why we do the work we do, and what change it means when we say “Women’s rights are human rights.”

Thanks for celebrating Women’s History Month this March with Global Fund for Women!


Global Fund for Women supports women-led groups who are demanding rights in their own communities. For Women’s History Month, use your voice to support courageous activists shaping our future.