The Gender Justice Data Hub helps us recognize the early sparks of promising movements.   

Imagine a world where movements, even in their earliest stages, gain the support they need exactly when they need it. Identifying and backing movements as early as possible can create a ripple effect forming waves of change. This is the vision for the Gender Justice Data Hub.

The Gender Justice Data Hub is a Global Fund for Women tool to identify, monitor, and learn about emerging gender justice movements worldwide so that we can quickly direct resources to them and increase the impact of movements in motion.

Using a vast historical and real-time dataset, the Gender Justice Data Hub uses sophisticated data analysis techniques to see movements developing. We combine insights gleaned from data with sense-making from local activists, merging the best of latest technology with deep, context-specific human analysis.

How the Gender Justice Data Hub works


With publicly available data from 195 countries compiled by a network of more than 200 local researchers, we monitor peaceful protests, movements, and activism around the globe. This comprehensive dataset lets us see much farther and wider than we could before. We created a Social Movements Index to measure the level of social movement activity in each country over time. This index helps us estimate where movements may flourish.

A feminist approach to data analysis

We zoom in and monitor countries high in our Social Movements Index to understand the unique dynamics and trajectories of specific movements.

We then merge people-power with data-monitoring. Most grassroots activists have not had access to these tools or technology, which are typically held by the private sector. Our process centers intersectional feminist activists in a data collection and analysis process they are often left out of.  These movement leaders and activists lead our data interpretation process, bridging the best of the technical tools with rich insights from lived experience.

Bringing support to early-stage movements

Armed with comprehensive data insights and our mission-driven approach, we support early-stage gender justice movements poised to spark transformative change.

The Gender Justice Data Hub allows us to spot movements at their early stages when support matters most.

Through the hub we leverage technology and data to deeply listen, collectively reflect, and decisively act to meet movements and communities where they are. Read more about our Gender Justice Data Hub in these frequently asked questions.

Other data-driven tools

Helping movements measure change

As part of our support for movements, Global Fund for Women offers the Movement Capacity Assessment Tool, a free online tool to support grassroots people power globally.

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