Introducing our Third Cohort of Artist Changemakers

We are thrilled to introduce our third cohort of Artist Changemakers! Meet Jaycie Lewis, a performance artist from Antigua and Barbuda whose work focuses on the preservation and celebration of Caribbean culture; Qańtar Samal, an illustrator from Kazakhstan whose art touches on themes of decolonization, queerness, and ethnic identity; and an anonymous musician interested in recasting old myths in modern ways. Check out all of their work and learn more about the artists here.

The Artist Changemaker Program is part of Global Fund for Women’s commitment to support and celebrate gender justice movements and all the ways that they enact change. We recognize that media, art, and culture are critical to advancing gender justice. The program supports eight artists annually with a one-time unrestricted financial award, with a focus on artists based in the Global South, women and gender-nonconforming artists, LGBTQI+ people, people of color and/or artists from a historically marginalized group. And we couldn’t do this work without you, our dedicated community that makes this all possible.

Meet Artist Changemakers across all cohorts here.