Corazón Monthly Donor Network

Donate Button"Corazón" is Spanish for "heart" or "core." The Global Fund's Corazón Network is a very special community of individuals who care deeply about our work.

As member of our Corazòn Network, you play an important role in the international women’s rights movement by pledging to make a monthly contribution. Your gift in any amount can help change the lives of women.

Here are some examples of what your gift can accomplish:

A gift of $20 can support women’s access to vocational, literacy and health classes such as those offered by our grantee partner AMAL (“Hope”) in central Morocco.

A gift of $35 contributes to rural community health clinics reaching indigenous teens in Guatemala, enabling teens to access basic health care and special teen health programs organized by grantee partners like Rxiin Tnamet.

A gift of $60 helps groups like the Afghan Institute of Learning provide Afghan girls with an education that builds their confidence and leadership potential.

A gift of $100 provides support to the LBT community in Kyrgyzstan through self-help workshops organized by grantees partners like Labrys to address issues of stigma and discrimination.

A gift of $300 helps train peace educators and trauma counselors working with grantees like the Fédération de Femmes pour la Paix et le Développement to promote peace in war-torn communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

If you have questions about becoming a monthly donor, or if you would like to update your Corazón Network membership account information, please contact: Renee Saedi or call (415) 248-4800


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